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Ten einde fotogebruik te vermijden moeten volgens mij degenen die desondanks zouden worden, gepubliceerd.

Fantastlicly ignorant people are walking and talking all over your lost self who died amidst confusion; non-recognition and hate from merely stigmatising and reproving peeps in the social environment who can not really love, yet cover their opressing interference in more or less genuine concern, which actually is no more than bad costum and cold social position abuse.
Outright unwillingness and incapacity of taking into account the only negative effects of their discriminating behavorior and emotional neglect throws a shadow over your mind, as it gets insulted by denialing your death it now is bound to find positvity elsewhere, for instance in substances, which then become furter target of ‘social countermeasures’.
The unabitlity to understand the hole point of the situation yet an unshakable impression of people getting driven by socialized values rather than your de facto ‘well-being’, creates dissonce that can drive you mad.
As some explanations have to come to light, psychoses takes over. Only now the system has reason to start ‘operating at its finest’.

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